Dungeons TOME Updates

Updates and roadmap for Dungeons TOME.

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1.2.1: Fixed a minor bug in which certain combinations of width and height would not work.

1.2: Maximum widths and heights of the randomly generated maps can be selected (between 10 and 80 squares).

1.1: Dungeons now include a link that is bookmarkable, so that you can load the dungeon up again in the future (at least until the server runs out of space and the dungeons have to be deleted. Download them if you need to keep them. Also added notifications (on this page) if you want to be alerted about updated in the future. Also changed a couple of bits behind the scenes for better server management.

1.01: Added a key to dungeon images. Fixed a bug with recaptcha and one or two links not working. Added a couple of FAQs.

1.0: First version released.


Meh, we'll see.